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Danielle Willingham at the wax room

 The wax room was established to provide a comfortable, private atmosphere to meet all your personal waxing needs. Danielle started off 10 years ago working in a spa, doing Body waxing, hair and nails. waxing quickly took over as her passion. she takes so much joy in making you feel more beautiful, more confident and more comfortable being you. her number one priority is providing exceptional service through educating clients and listening to their needs. when you walk into The room, it is your personal time as the schedule is created for one client at a time. there. is no one service fits all mentality, so let her provide service with just you in mind. 

Why Wax?

Waxing is a much more effective form of hair removal than shaving, tweezing or use of depilatories.  There is a wide variety of waxes available and each client receives a customized service based on their skin and hair type. With shaving and depilatories, hair is cut right at the skin’s surface, leaving a blunt hair ready to resurface sometimes just hours later creating rough stubble. Waxing keeps skin silky smooth for weeks and when hair regrows weeks later it is soft to the touch because its tapered head and fine in texture because hair was removed deeply from the root. Each time you receive a wax service, the amount of hair that grows back is less and less. No more stubble and prickly skin or razor burn and rashes just long-lasting, smooth, velvety skin.






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